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While most of the time I suffer from banner blindness, I from time to time see a banner that sticks out and actually catches my attention a little. Usually, it’s just momentarily, and then the little grey goblins in my head add that to the banner blacklist and I learn to ignore even those banners.

However – on rare occasion, there might be banners that actually make me want to see what the deal is about. It might be some question or phrase that I want to read the explanation of, or perhaps it is a picture that is small in the banner that I want to see a magnification of…

Now, to quote Peter Griffin, what really grinds my gears is that most of the time, when clicking such a banner you are brought to another site (naturally) but the site talks only in general about their products, and it might have no direct connection to the banner itself.

To clarify with some examples;

“If I break up with her… I’ll have no TV anymore!
Loans at 6% interest”

I liked that, it had some nice humor to it. When clicked, I would have liked to see some similar sarcastic jokes or a page that followed that theme somehow, but no. It was just the site of an ordinary boring bank. The grey goblins in my brain made me click “close” faster than I could think it. Waste of time.

a slideshow with various teenagers asking more or less odd questions about life in general, love and sexuality, such as “My brother picks me up at school every day. Does he really have to do that?!” or “How old must you be to be able to marry?” and so on.

I want to wait before having sex, IS THAT OK?

To many of these questions, I get curious as to what the answer might be. Sometimes I think “what sort of question is that?”. In any case, I naturally assume that if I click the banner I will be brought to a site where the question is more or less answered or at least discussed. But no, regardless of what slide in the banner I click, I get to that site’s main page. As I had figured out myself, it’s a site where young people can ask questions, but even though I actually looked quite hard on the site I couldn’t find any mention of the questions in the banner! Very disappointing. Fail.

Now, when I click a banner, take me to a site that tells me more about what I just clicked. Banners, advertisements, should give me a tease of something that you offer – so, don’t promise me ONE thing in the banner, and give me something entirely else when I click it! I will end up disappointed, and leave the site since the reality didn’t live up to expectations.

There are naturally good banners, that take you exactly to where you expected. Ad banners about various items often take you to that item’s page on a webshop, and so on. If you pay money to show a banner on a site, you shouldn’t just want to make people click the banner unless you can provide the viewer with a nice (or at least expected) experience on the other side of the link! What you DO want not people to click your banners, but people who DO click your banners to actually finding interest in what you are selling!

Gah. Stupid.


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