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Diaper commercials are just like most other commercials. Unoriginal, boring, moderately intrusive. Maybe a bit more intrusive than most, as you usually have to watch a couple of germ monster for a few seconds, but it’s fine – you naturally turn away.

But, there is something that has started to really grind my gears about some of the diaper ads on TV. It’s when the speaker voice talks, not to the parent or adult that is supposed to buy the diaper, but to the monster. To the child.

“Soon YOU will be walking a mile a day and YOU will need comfort and something that stays on!”

Wait… what?

If someone… if that child understands what you are saying, and if what you are saying is true – they are climbing, walking and going about… then what do they need diapers for? Shouldn’t they, if they understand you so perfectly, like, use the tiolet? YES! The answer is YES!

Another similar thing are games such as… Super Monkey Ball, and similar “wacky” and “goofy” games. Mario Kart. Both games have a few kid characters that wear diapers. Fine; little kids do that. But the same characters also know how to maneuver high speed vehicles while throwing weapons at their colorful opponents. Shouldn’t they also, like, be able to use the facilities?

Sure – anyone can wear diapers if they want to. Some needs to, like little kids that can’t go to the toilet by themselves yet, and various people with disabilities. But – the cases I just listed is neither one of them. If you can juggle 3 turtle shells and drive a car, you should have no trouble going to the bathroom. If you can run around inside a ball, roll around complicated tracks and at times also fly around using the halves of the ball as wings… then you should probably be able to control where you put your feces.

Organic Waste Container

So, what does that mean? Well… there is one group of people that like wearing diapers even though they don’t have to. That’s fine, I’m all for liberty… but still; I do get some particular feelings thinking about it. So you like driving a car around a race-track… and you wear diapers… which probably mean that you like, or don’t mind, being able to rub your buttocks in your own feces. I mean, you wouldn’t need to, you could just easily use the toilet, so yeah you probably like it. Mmmm… imagine sitting on that go-kart, and just as you pass the finish line to complete that second lap, you squeeeze out a wet load of turd and a little pee to top it, and you ride another lap, the engine warming up the seat, vibrating, you yell “Let’sa gooooooooo mini mario” happily as the mushy squishy sensation tickles your skin.

…yeah. It is kind of gross. Especially when such games try to be “CUTE! =^_^= and I… well, I just can’t see the cuteness in rubbing yourself with your own feces. For me, that’s fetish. Fetish kids? Fetish Monkey Ball? Fetish Kart Double Dash?



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