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First, if you have an embedded media player on your site, and if that media player has a standard “progress bar” with a grabbable and moveable slider with which you are supposed to be able to manually seek to various positions of the video you are watching… then by the name of Frank, make it WORK.

Most players sport a little slider, and it seems like you are able to grab and slide that to any position you like. That is how media players traditionally work. The progress slider, or seek bar, or whatever it is called, is there to let you manually and easily skip to any place you want in the song or video.

Take almost any YouTube video out there, a short one for example, and you will notice that when trying to drag the slider… say, 10% forward, it snaps back to the beginning when you release the slider. Sometimes, you can drag the slider far into the movie, and it will snap back to the beginning, or to seemingly predefined segments of the video. Many videos on YouTube have only a few such segments.

Some videos on some sites, and this seem to be awfully common, seem to have no such segments at all, and even though you CAN grab and slide the progress slider, it will reset to the beginning of the video once you release it. Each and every time. That is FAIL when you watch a long video, and want to look at a particular part somewhere in the middle or end, as you have to rewatch the entire video if you try.

“Boo-hoo, it’s not my fault, it’s the compression and format and blah blah blah…”

It’s your garbage. Take control of your garbage.


Then we have another common thing in many online video players, and that is advertisements. Seriously, the video player is usually small. And then, when 10 seconds of the video has passed (long enough for you to sit back and relax and watch) a banner pops up inside the player and covers one third of the video. You can usually close it by clicking a “close” button inside of it. If you have a video site… isn’t the point to show videos? To be able to show the videos proper? Then why do you cover them up? I will simply never return to that site if that keeps happening. In a world where there are lots of video sites, that is like a pizzeria putting a cigarette butt under the cheese somewhere in every pizza. It’s garbage.

Do you want to keep investing (money) in garbage? No, you will move to another pizzeria. Do you want to keep investing (time) in garbage? No, you will move to another video site.

It just shows you don’t have a single idea of what you are doing. First, many people out there surfing the web do have banner blindness as I’ve already mentioned in a previous post. Shortly, it’s when the brain subconsciously filters out ad banners on the web. It’s when you are so used to advertisements that you simply don’t see them anymore. You see them, but you don’t register them since they are not important to you. Now, if you are watching a video you are interested in, then any distraction will just be an annoyance. Add to that the fact that this annoyance is an ad banner? It could as well have been a house fly landing on the monitor – you will just close the ad banner without paying the least attention to the ad at all. It will only be an annoyance.

Seriously, did you think you had come up with some psychological trick to “force” advertisements into the brains of the viewer, thus increasing ad profit? What, honestly? Ha ha ha!


And one last thing. This really isn’t annoying if done right. YouTube has this, among many other sites, and that is when the video is done playing, you get to see links to other related videos covering most of the playing area. This is fine, I don’t care much, since it’s not in the way in any way since the video is done playing already.

But… then there are sites recently that cover the play area of the video as soon as you press “pause”. If this was advertisements I would cynically gnaw the table but understand, but when it’s just links to other videos on the same site… then it’s just stupid. Then it’s just someone who haven’t thought something through. When I press pause in a video, it’s either because I suddently need to do something else – but in the case of short clips such as those you generally see on such sites – then it’s probably because I want to take a closer look at THAT FRAME. It could be a funny line of text designed to just flash by in the video that you need to pause to see, but if the video area is covered with nonsense when you TRY… well then that is garbage!




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