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In 2008, there was a big debate in Sweden regarding a mass surveillance of all (!) internet trafic in the country. All trafic – inbound, outbound and internal. Everything to be read and analyzed by computers (as an extension to those who control the system who will, of course, analyze it in person should the computer deem the data interesting). This is no conspiracy theory or anything, this is just cold hard facts (talked about on blogs, national TV and written about in probably all local or national news papers you could come across). The debate that raged through most of the second part of 2008 was whether it should be allowed or not. The majority of the people seemed against it, at least those hundreds of thousands that use the internet one way or another, but our lovely government was all for it. FRA also, according to themselves, trade various collected information to other nations, regardless of them being dictatorships or democratic (whatever that means) nations. FRA grinds my gears, a lot. I hope that the day it is taken offline once and for all, we get to see their headquarters demolished live on TV, and see in slow-motion how thermite eats through their servers leaving nothing but a pile of dust and shame.

But anyhow; what really grinds my gears is an argument that pro-sayers tend to use. With pro-sayer I mean those that don’t mind their privacy being removed, their integrity stepped on. The naive people who don’t mind the government to open their letters and read it, in order to look for “dangers” to our country.

“Only those with something to hide fights for privacy/integrity.”

I don’t know where to begin explaining how fucking boiling I get when I hear someone uttering those moronic words.

…I would love to hear the same person gladly gobbling those words the day someone walks up to them, snags their mobile phone, and starts reading aloud in front of others all of his/her messages.

…I would love to hear that same person shrug and say those words the day someone decides to every day fetch his/her mail in the mailbox, open it up, scan it, and post it on a wall for others to see.

…and I would really love to hear those words from the same people when someone decide to remove the walls while they are sitting on the toilet with diarrhea, so that all can see.

Just in the name of making sure there is nothing dangerous going on. Like, terrorist communication or maybe something else that our current government deem “dangerous” (what that is is decidedly very vague – naturally), or perhaps just to see if that diarrhea may cause some horrible epidemic, you never know.

But hey, you have nothing to hide, so it’s okay, right?

As long as your “flour is clean”, there is no problem with that, right?

It can’t be that you wish to SIMPLY HAVE SOME PRIVACY in your life, right?

If any of my friends say those words to me, and mean them, they have little time to take that back before they are ex-friends of mine.


If you are a citizen of Sweden and have the right to vote – and care about your and everyone else’s right to privacy – don’t forget to vote PiratPartiet in the party election in 2010. Also, vote PiratPartiet for the EU-election this year 2009. Just make sure to have identification documents ready when the voting day comes.


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