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This one really grinds my gears to no end.

You purchase a DVD, and before it gets to the menu, or before it gets to playing the first chapter or whatever, you get to see a boring and ugly FBI warning or similar copyright notice.

Then, if you are really blessed, you get to see advertisements as well. You wanted that, right? You went out to your freezing car, drove to town, waited in line behind some snotty kid who couldn’t stop yelling at his mom, spent half a day’s worth of salary to purchase a legal copy of Wall-E, to see the advertisements, right? To be reminded not to be a “filthy criminal” who will get FBI after you?


Or… perhaps you just wanted to have a cozy evening with your kids and see a movie. To forget about everything else for a while, like your boring job, and especially more expenses. You just wanted to enjoy one simple movie, one that you payed both time, money and patience for.

This is similar to some of the stupid draconian DRM systems for games out there. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, and is there to… I don’t know, protect the software against piracy (I think), by making it more or less difficult to install and play the games. You may, for example, only install certain games 3 times before the game you have purchased “expires”. It assumes you are a “thief” (not my choice of words), although it might just be that you have had to reinstall your operating system or replaced broken computers 3 times.

That’s if you actually purchased the game.

If you pirate it instead, however, you will usually never have to see any copyright notices. You will never get to see advertisements. And you will not get that DRM in the way. Because that is the thing – when things get pirated, movies “ripped“, and games gets “cracked“, such annoyances are removed.

From the consumers point-of-view, the versions that piracy offer are in fact often better than the ones that are sold – not because of addition of anything to the product by those who make those copies available – but by removal of junk deliberately added by the developers and publishers.

This holds me back from purchasing DVDs and games sometimes. Advertisements. Long copyright warnings before the film. Hidden software that gets installed and lurk in your computer and spies on you to make sure you are not a “filthy thief“. When I purchase something, I want to be able to enjoy it without hassle. The warnings make no difference to those that make the copies available anyway, and they are removed so when the illegal copies eventually reach downloaders, they won’t see the warnings, meaning they do nothing but annoy those that pay.

In a consumers point-of-view, a purchased movie or game might very well have less value to the customer than a pirated copy would, because you know you can ALWAYS rely on a pirated copy. You can ALWAYS rely on it giving you what you want without distractions!

But a purchased copy contains crap that you don’t want. Crap that no one wants. Crap that no one cares about, especially not those who release pirated versions of them. Crap that those who download those pirated copies never even know exists.

And nothing in the world except genocide or shutting down the internet will ever prevent movies and games from being made available as crap-less downloadable versions on the net.

This really grinds my gears. Businesses who want to stop piracy by saying fuck you to their paying customers. Then, on top of that, they thank their paying customers by forcing them to see advertisements.

Thank you for buying our product! Fuck you! 😀

Yes, there has been a lot of “piracy” related posts lately, but that is just how it is. These things really grind my gears. Expect more.


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