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This is mostly just annoying. It concerns art, music, games, movies… any form of art. Or any form of handicraft.

People who get their work critizised, and turn to the “you try it and see if you are any better” argument. Or, “you can come back when you have started drawing”. Or, “oh yeah? Then let’s hear if YOU can sing!” (if you have a TV, you have heard that one).

The fact is – you don’t have to be a musician in order to be able to say you think a song is good or bad.

You don’t have to be a game developer in order to be able to say you think a game is awesome or sucks balls.

You don’t have to be a painter in order to be able to say you think a painting or drawing looks really lovely or like rubbish.

You don’t have to work in the movie industry in order to say you think that movie was pee-drippingly marvelous or just Uwe Boll.

You don’t have to be a writer before you can say you like or dislike certain books, or a mechanic before you can say that the new car lights look really stupid in green, or a web designer before you can tell if you hate the interface of a web page or not.

It’s totally absurd. It’s like saying anyone “less good” than you have no ability or right to judge you. And that should, logically, mean both bad AND good judgements. You make food for your loved one, who can’t cook. She notices that it tastes like vomit, because you have mistakenly put a three year old dead road-killed dentist in the stew. She could probably not cook anywhere near as good as you, and thus with your reasoning, she has no right to complain. Mmmmm, crunchy decomposed dentist. Or she could be honest, tell you what she thinks, you could accept that she don’t like your work, move on, and together go and buy a pizza.

I get that people sometimes dislike critisism. It’s only natural to defend your own work if you put lots of time into it. But the argument of “shut up until you can do it better than me”… is just trying to run away from the facts. The fact that there might flaws in what you have done according to some standards, and the fact that people all have their opinions. Now, if you didn’t ask for any critisism (good or bad) then it’s another story, but if you deliver your work of art to others for viewing, then you invite them to analyze and judge it.


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