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The occurance of these is something that is, luckily, on the decrease. But nonetheless, some software still does this.

Yesterday, I installed something called “MouseWare” on my computer. They are drivers for my Logitech mouse, which after installation only proved to make the mouse work worse (one button couldn’t be assigned in games) than if I used the generic mouse drivers in Windows. When I installed them, they just installed and were up and running instantly.

Now, when I uninstalled them, I got this (it’s still lingering behind this window as I type):

This is our way of saying "Hi! We are incompetent programmers! Have a nice day!"

This is our way of saying "Hi! We are incompetent programmers! Have a nice day!"

Of course I don’t need to reboot. The drivers are gone, or at least as gone as they need to be. If there is any action that has to be made that can only be done upon a restart of the operating system, then it can most definately wait. Why? Because upon uninstallation of the drivers, I clearly noticed the mouse behaving differently and back to normal again.

Now, a somewhat more competent software developer would have added a “No, I’ll reboot later” option.

An even more competent developer would have just added a note (if needed) at the end of the installation stating that “You should reboot, just in case” or nothing at all. If what I’ve installed isn’t completely rewriting the foundations of the operating system or if some hardware is really dependant on it to operate at all, then I understand a reboot.

These are mouse drivers. And my mouse works fine.

ctrl-alt-delete, click on uninstall process (with my fully working mouse btw), end process

Stupid incompetent garbage producers grind my gears so bad.


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