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I’ve heard this so many times now, that the other day when I was watching the news, I could fill them in even before they had started saying that particular line.

It was about a child in a neighbour town that had been with its parents to visit a couple of friends. These friends had a dog, which had for some reason bitten the child in the face, and now the child had undergone surgery for this.

I knew what they was about to say from the beginning, and once she started, I could completely sync her words and create a sort of mini-choir of bullshit.

“The reason for why the dog bit the child is still unknown.”


Of course they say that. First; the parents, and especially the owners, wouldn’t want the child portrayed as having done something bad. It’s easier to put all the blame on the dog, because it can’t say anything in its defense. The downside is that the dog is usually put down for this in order to “prevent it from doing it again”. Using a member of our community of lesser worth as a scapegoat and executing it is OK in our society… but using that vocabulary, despite it being completely correct, is uncomfortable to most of us because we need our construct of us being supreme and high above the rest.

And second… dogs don’t bite unless provoked. Usually, animals won’t bite unless they are provoked. Or sick. If the dog would have been sick, then they would have quickly mentioned it in the news as a probable cause of aggression.

But, most probably, the child was a little bitch and tortured the dog in some way or another. Would the news EVER say that? No. No one in the chain of voices that leads to a news story would ever say that a child was the culprit, that the child had it coming. It’s not politically correct.

It’s more correct to put the blame on the animals, and remove them, kill them, just to protect a child’s image. To make it less awkward for the child as it grows up and gets the question “what is that little scar you have there?” Mmmm, the responsibility.

I say the child – to a chance of 99.9999% – had it coming, and someone should pat the dog.


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