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Welcome, honored traveller of the interwebs!

You have reached the small bucket of bytes of me, a simple usability designer and gamer, and my shooting range filled with annoyances. Things that really annoy the crap out of me, or as mr Griffin said it; things that really grind my gears.

You are allowed to argue all you want, of course, but this is just what I personally believe… and such as.

You will notice that I tend to use the word “Garbage” a lot. This is because of all words out there, this is the one that I feel describes manufactured crap the best. Things can be crap, but then there is usually not much intent for it to be other than just crap. When something is garbage, then it’s when someone has created something with the intent to make it grand (and usually, a quick source of income) but have miserably and unavoidably FAILED. Or, it’s just plain garbage. In any case, it’s when something is just so painfully worthless that it’s like investing in a three week old and used paper cup with extra unidentifiable mucus inside.

Yeah, so…

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