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This one really grinds my gears to no end.

You purchase a DVD, and before it gets to the menu, or before it gets to playing the first chapter or whatever, you get to see a boring and ugly FBI warning or similar copyright notice.

Then, if you are really blessed, you get to see advertisements as well. You wanted that, right? You went out to your freezing car, drove to town, waited in line behind some snotty kid who couldn’t stop yelling at his mom, spent half a day’s worth of salary to purchase a legal copy of Wall-E, to see the advertisements, right? To be reminded not to be a “filthy criminal” who will get FBI after you?


Or… perhaps you just wanted to have a cozy evening with your kids and see a movie. To forget about everything else for a while, like your boring job, and especially more expenses. You just wanted to enjoy one simple movie, one that you payed both time, money and patience for.

This is similar to some of the stupid draconian DRM systems for games out there. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, and is there to… I don’t know, protect the software against piracy (I think), by making it more or less difficult to install and play the games. You may, for example, only install certain games 3 times before the game you have purchased “expires”. It assumes you are a “thief” (not my choice of words), although it might just be that you have had to reinstall your operating system or replaced broken computers 3 times.

That’s if you actually purchased the game.

If you pirate it instead, however, you will usually never have to see any copyright notices. You will never get to see advertisements. And you will not get that DRM in the way. Because that is the thing – when things get pirated, movies “ripped“, and games gets “cracked“, such annoyances are removed.

From the consumers point-of-view, the versions that piracy offer are in fact often better than the ones that are sold – not because of addition of anything to the product by those who make those copies available – but by removal of junk deliberately added by the developers and publishers.

This holds me back from purchasing DVDs and games sometimes. Advertisements. Long copyright warnings before the film. Hidden software that gets installed and lurk in your computer and spies on you to make sure you are not a “filthy thief“. When I purchase something, I want to be able to enjoy it without hassle. The warnings make no difference to those that make the copies available anyway, and they are removed so when the illegal copies eventually reach downloaders, they won’t see the warnings, meaning they do nothing but annoy those that pay.

In a consumers point-of-view, a purchased movie or game might very well have less value to the customer than a pirated copy would, because you know you can ALWAYS rely on a pirated copy. You can ALWAYS rely on it giving you what you want without distractions!

But a purchased copy contains crap that you don’t want. Crap that no one wants. Crap that no one cares about, especially not those who release pirated versions of them. Crap that those who download those pirated copies never even know exists.

And nothing in the world except genocide or shutting down the internet will ever prevent movies and games from being made available as crap-less downloadable versions on the net.

This really grinds my gears. Businesses who want to stop piracy by saying fuck you to their paying customers. Then, on top of that, they thank their paying customers by forcing them to see advertisements.

Thank you for buying our product! Fuck you! 😀

Yes, there has been a lot of “piracy” related posts lately, but that is just how it is. These things really grind my gears. Expect more.


Anti-piracy people often say that the mentality of pirates is “free is candy”. For some, this is true, but I think that’s just one of the many reasons why people download pirated music, videos, games, and so on. One of the main reasons, I think, is the broad amount of options that piracy offer. In the legal stores, you can usually find only the newest stuff – the stuff which publishers have put a lot of money in marketing to try to make us want. Try to find something outside of that main stream, and it’s almost impossible, unless you pirate it. And that brings us to the other big reasons – accessibility and simplicity. Consumers just want to get things – easily – without having to import a CD (that if done legally, you might have just heard ABOUT, and never had the chance to actually hear yourself) from a far off country (if you could even find one). Is that a sure investment if you aren’t rich? You will by no chance have found the small artist or developer that cannot afford any beyond-local-area marketing, unless they are clever enough to have a website with samples – but that site needs some form of marketing in order to spread as well. Pirating, however, can spread that music far and beyond to and from people that like that sort of music (or game, or movies, or whatever). And yes – a lot of people do tend to like to support the creators of art, even though they might have found the artist using piracy. I’m one of them, as are most of my friends.

However, some companies do GET this, luckily. Steam (PC games), iTunes (music), XBox Live Arcade (console games) and the list slowly grows. They offer a wider variety of options than old traditional “stores”. They offer accessibility, as you can often try the game or listen to a snippet of music before you buy it. And they offer simplicity. You pay (it still has to be a reasonable price, naturally, which realistically MUST be lower than buying a hard-copy in the store) and then you can simply download and listen/play/whatever. It’s yours. Ask people – the common view on piracy is not that it is stealing, because it’s copying, not stealing. People don’t think “I’m stealing now”, they are thinking “I want this and this method is the most reasonable way considering all factors” (ok, not literally, but more or less).

So, what grinds my gears is that some just don’t GET it. They flail around accusing people of theft (and compare piracy with arson) and fail to see that instead of adapting reality to fit their needs, they can adapt themselves to reality. Which way do you think will win in the end?

I will quote a site here, which says quite a lot (I made some of it bold). The article discusses the trial against The Pirate Bay’s founders:

According to IFPI’s Peter Danowsky, the damages claimed from The Pirate Bay are the same as if the site had ‘legally’ obtained licenses to distribute the music world-wide, regardless of whether all the downloaders had later decided to buy the music or not. Effectively, they are trying to say that one download=one lost sale. They are talking about imposing the costs of a “global distribution license” on TPB.

For the song “Let it Be” by The Beatles, IFPI is asking for 10 times the damages, since the band’s music isn’t officially available online. Interesting logic here – perhaps if The Beatles music was made officially available, people wouldn’t even need to pirate it. The same 10X multiplier is used for all material ‘made available’ before official release, referring to this charge as a special “preview license.”

TorrentFreak, Day 3. The Pirate Bay’s ‘King Kong’ Defense

Realistic? Do they expect to win in a court with this?

One download = one lost sale. What a naive point of view. No, if it was possible to turn off piracy, the people who download will NOT all buy what they otherwise would download. They mention numbers themselves from time to time, that some people download hundreds of albums and movies each month… that would translate into tens of thousands of US dollars for one consumer. No, the investment of downloading an album is no the same as the investment as going to the store (trip that might cost money and certainly cost time) and then purchasing something for 2-3 hours salary that you haven’t had the chance to listen to (except perhaps one or two songs on the radio, if you listen to radio).

It doesn’t matter to the consumer how much work it was for the developer/publisher in getting this product to the store, seriously. The investment for the consumer is still the same, and whether the product is worth the investment is based on the actual end use of the product – not the production of it!

No one wants to invest more into something than it is worth (to THEM). You cannot be a businessman if you believe otherwise, so… WHY don’t some businessmen GET this?


A final note. Have you ever heard a phrase like “for every honest person buying a CD there are a 100 people downloading it”? If you have heard the rantings of anti-piracy activists, you surely have. And maybe it is true. However, flip that coin. For every 100 people downloading a CD, one person buys it. If a lot of people download your CD, that is a very good thing. That’s free publicity – something that is extremely valuable for the small artists. But, ironically, not so much for the giants who put lots of money into marketing. They want to create their own publicity, they want to be in control, but today that method is starting to fail. The internet provides not only piracy, but a global network of reviews and opinions and discussions about products. In many different ways – whether it’s by trying-before-buying through piracy, hearing about and discussing products through forums, or reading reviews on various sites – people have started to bypass the marketing campaigns of a product and started to find out what other like-minded (and honest, non-biased) people think of it instead. A marketer will always say that his product is awesome and mindblowing, even if it is a turd. Honest opinions though, will make those products fail, and the dollars spent on marketing will blow away with the wind. The internet does through a true Darwinian system filter away that which sucks and lifts up that which is awesome, more or less regardless of controlled marketing. Who will lose most on this? The giants (I’m not saying all) that make money selling lukewarm turds by relying on clever and usually expensive marketing, as the veil of marketing can now be lifted to show that turd to the consumer, even before the consumer have spent one cent on the product. Who will win on this? The ones that put time and heart on making products with the hope that they will sell because they are good, and I dare say that when it comes to music and art, this is usually the smaller ones. If you haven’t got a big wallet to pay for marketing your product, you better make the product good enough to spread by word-of-mouth (or… keyboard, as is usually the case on the interwebs).

In 2008, there was a big debate in Sweden regarding a mass surveillance of all (!) internet trafic in the country. All trafic – inbound, outbound and internal. Everything to be read and analyzed by computers (as an extension to those who control the system who will, of course, analyze it in person should the computer deem the data interesting). This is no conspiracy theory or anything, this is just cold hard facts (talked about on blogs, national TV and written about in probably all local or national news papers you could come across). The debate that raged through most of the second part of 2008 was whether it should be allowed or not. The majority of the people seemed against it, at least those hundreds of thousands that use the internet one way or another, but our lovely government was all for it. FRA also, according to themselves, trade various collected information to other nations, regardless of them being dictatorships or democratic (whatever that means) nations. FRA grinds my gears, a lot. I hope that the day it is taken offline once and for all, we get to see their headquarters demolished live on TV, and see in slow-motion how thermite eats through their servers leaving nothing but a pile of dust and shame.

But anyhow; what really grinds my gears is an argument that pro-sayers tend to use. With pro-sayer I mean those that don’t mind their privacy being removed, their integrity stepped on. The naive people who don’t mind the government to open their letters and read it, in order to look for “dangers” to our country.

“Only those with something to hide fights for privacy/integrity.”

I don’t know where to begin explaining how fucking boiling I get when I hear someone uttering those moronic words.

…I would love to hear the same person gladly gobbling those words the day someone walks up to them, snags their mobile phone, and starts reading aloud in front of others all of his/her messages.

…I would love to hear that same person shrug and say those words the day someone decides to every day fetch his/her mail in the mailbox, open it up, scan it, and post it on a wall for others to see.

…and I would really love to hear those words from the same people when someone decide to remove the walls while they are sitting on the toilet with diarrhea, so that all can see.

Just in the name of making sure there is nothing dangerous going on. Like, terrorist communication or maybe something else that our current government deem “dangerous” (what that is is decidedly very vague – naturally), or perhaps just to see if that diarrhea may cause some horrible epidemic, you never know.

But hey, you have nothing to hide, so it’s okay, right?

As long as your “flour is clean”, there is no problem with that, right?

It can’t be that you wish to SIMPLY HAVE SOME PRIVACY in your life, right?

If any of my friends say those words to me, and mean them, they have little time to take that back before they are ex-friends of mine.


If you are a citizen of Sweden and have the right to vote – and care about your and everyone else’s right to privacy – don’t forget to vote PiratPartiet in the party election in 2010. Also, vote PiratPartiet for the EU-election this year 2009. Just make sure to have identification documents ready when the voting day comes.

The Joker from The Dark Knight is cool. I personally think he is one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in a movie, ever. Different and unpredictable, he is a mastermind and he performs his plans himself, getting his own hands dirty, trusting only himself. Sort of feeble, but successful and strong at the same time.

But seriously… it’s getting so damn OLD with seeing the Joker as an avatar, or signature. Take any forum out there, and there is bound to be at least a couple of users with the Joker as an avatar or a signature banner, with or without the phrase “Why so Serious?” written in red.

You are watering him down so bad.

The Joker Applauds Your Originality

The Joker applauds your originality.

This one is really getting on my nerves. Very often, when I’m looking around for homebrew applications, mods for games, plugins or similar, I find these on various sites and forums by googling around. Mainly on forums.

So, I’m googling for that particular file, a latest version of someone’s cool application, and find it in a thread somewhere on one of the many thousands and thousands of forums out there discussing similar topics. You can read the forum thread and everything, and when you click that little “Download” link and think that you are going to get the file shortly… you are greeted with an “Error” page, stating that you have to be a member of the forum to be able to download any files from it.

Register To Download

“But it’s ok, it’s FREE!

Yes, it always is free, naturally – it’s free (and legal, mind you) software and the site usually don’t have anything that would remotely be worth paying money for. So, you are forced to fill in registration forms and submit them, confirm your e-mail adress and all that, and create a whole new account on that site just to download this ONE file. And you will most probably NEVER return to that site to download anything ever again, because face it, it’s probably quite a niche forum with little else to offer you personally.

I have become a member of countless such forums, sometimes when I’m out looking for new versions of homebrew applications for my Nintendo DS it could be, say, 2 or 3 forums a day. Just to get one little emulator here, one little updated version of a chat client there, and so on. And I know for a fact that I’m not alone.

What… is the deal? What could you, as the owner of such a forum, possibly gain from having people create tons of accounts that they just forget and let die the moment they have downloaded their files? I never get any spam from such sites, so it can’t be they are selling my e-mail to someone, I guess. That, or my spam filter really works wonders. Ad revenue? No, there are seldom any ads on such sites, and if there are, I certainly won’t bother even looking at them – I’m at their site for ONE purpose and ONE purpose only, and that is to get THAT particular download. Is it that… they marvel at their grandness as they see that little “total number of members” counter go up? …could someone seriously be that sad? I hope not.

So, what the HELL is the deal? Let me just download the file already. I WILL create an account that will go dead and litter your system. If I want to write in your forum, then fine, of course that justifies me creating an account – But… having me create an account just to download a file, when I can otherwise read the entire forum, that is just tedious – not to mention inconsistent. As I have no account I am in a read-only mode, I get it. So why can’t I simply read the files? It’s technically the same thing, and I leave no other mark than use of bandwidth THAT I WILL USE ANYWAY AND MORE since I have to create a FUCKING ACCOUNT and THEN download!

That really grinds my gears something fierce. I seldom even know the names of the sites I register to, and couldn’t care less either, and when it comes to sites that are tedious and force me to do awkward things to get what I want… well, naturally, I will think twice before going back there. I know it sounds like a silly “threat” but it’s just a simple fact.

You do get that, right?

What sites do I keep coming back to, sites that I even might bookmark? Sites (or any other service) that I put efford in remembering the names of? Those that can give me what I want with as little hassle and obstacles as possible, naturally! And when you get someone to stick around and like you, the chance of them actually generating ad revenue and spreading the word of your services greatly increases!

I’m so sick of amateurs floating blindly with the stream.

They do it for some to me unknown reason, then so must we! We can’t question what we don’t understand!”

I have had professional people at my previous WORK say things like that, fearing progress and new ideas, without any rational reason!


Something that seems to be common these days are software developers simplifying their interfaces. They want their programs, or games, or websites to be as easy to use and simple as possible to broaden their audience. Even your mother should be able to get into and understand it.

Now, in most cases, this is done in the good way it seems. The good way is making the interface simple per default, but enabling experienced users to switch to a more advanced interface. Or, there are still advanced in-depth settings to customize the experience as you want, if you want – but you don’t have to do it if you are a beginner. An example?

The Windows Control Panel, in Windows XP and Vista, and so on. When you have just installed Windows, the Control Panel window will only show about 6-7 general icons. That is enough for most basic users, but with a simple couple of clicks you can revert back to see all Control Panel options. Perfect.

But, then there are sadly those who do this the bad way. The bad way is simplifying a once more advanced interface, with no way for an experienced user to do anything other than the new basics. Examples? Oh, there are plenty!

NVidia Control Panel (or whatever they call it). Once, it was accessed through the advanced button in the display properties in Windows. This led you to a fairly flexible settings window where you could do a lot of tweaking.

Then, they decided to make a more streamlined interface for their settings. One that looks more like a folder in Windows, or similar to Windows Control Panel, with a lot of Settings Wizards (you know those semi-automatic popups that sometimes requires a double confirmation to close). Fine, it’s good to have a simple interface for those who don’t want to dig too deep. But… where did the advanced settings go? A lot of them said “poof”. But it’s true, lately it seems that the “Advanced” mode do allow you a lot of freedom, but a lot of the experienced users still miss the old interface and its functions.

Another example is what seems to be a new standard among console games. I am guessing that this is a standard set by the console manufacturers (Microsoft, Sony, etc) that developers need to abide to in order to get their games licensed.

Overs-simplification of game hosting and joining. With the newest games, it seems more and more impossible to make any settings when hosting a multiplayer game. Many games even lack a “password” setting. Instead, the games are more or less designed to let you start playing multiplayer fast… but without much control. It’s supposed to be easy for beginners but it won’t give experienced players any additional control. Like… max amount of players, password, weapon/powerup restrictions (though this has always been rare), additional game rules, etc.

This lack of options is also bleeding onto the computer platform as well (where you are used to having lots of options) when the same games are ported. Why not have a simple AND advanced mode, and the freedom to choose? I am hoping that the developers are just lazy, because I would really hate it if it were the console manufacturers that require them do omit the advanced options, because then all hope is lost. Trying to contact game devs to make them get a grip is far more easier than to reach the giants controlling them.

So sure, keep make software more available to the general user out there. That’s great. But you are pretty fucking disrespectful towards us more advanced users if you choose to ignore us.


I hate spoilers.

Whether it’s a game, a movie, a TV series, book or any other story based experience. I hate them. I can get truly angry with someone if they spoil a story for me that I plan to experience for myself. Because when you spoil the ending of a story, or a great plot twist, long before I get there myself, you are kind of ruining my time. Little things are entertaining in this grey and fucked up world, and then you come and just for the heck of it make it even more boring. But that sort of spoiling is, luckily, rare.

But what really grinds my gears… a lot… is when people spoil when in the same sentence they say that they don’t intend to spoil. It’s like putting a fake nose and a hat on a turd and giving it to me, thinking I will not realize that it’s a turd. Let’s make some generic examples (without actually spoiling anything for anyone);

“You should go see film XXX! It’s so great! I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but I can just say that things aren’t at all what you think in that movie!!!”


“That movie is awesome! I’m not gonna spoil any details but the ending… it’s is sooo saaaaad!!!”

If you are one that says something like that… then you are a retard. You are a serious retard, or a troll who loves to sabotage other people’s fun. I mean, come on. You should probably know better than to think you are clever enough not to spoil something when you… well, spoil something. You should probably know better than to think I’m an idiot without enough brain capacity to understand exactly what your “subtle hint” meant.

You do get it, right?

Sigh. Ok, so say for example that the movie is about a mystery, and in many mysteries today they usually want you to suspect the wrong thing, and at the end twist the plot and trash your suspicions completely and suprise you. Usually, there are some options here that are least suspect. Say, a kid has been killed and there are lots of evil men that are suspects – but in the end, it’s was the kind mother all along!

If you then were to say that first example of mine, then you pretty much plant a spoil-seed in me. I know, from the start, that it’s not one of the most suspicious characters that is the killer. In fact, you have made sure that I suspect none of those that the movie depicts as suspicious, so from the start I more or less know it’s the mother.

Regarding the second example… well, say it’s a movie about a child diagnosed with cancer. So… yeah. After watching a while, then I know that the child will die in the end. Thanks. It’s not like I will sit there, not having ONE CLUE what you meant until in the end I think “ooooh so the kid died, yeah, that is sad, I admit I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING, not when my friend told me that something really sad was going to happen“. What, you expect me to sit there and think “ooh I hope she won’t SPRAIN HER ANKLE, that would be SO SAD“?

If you do care about a friend and not spoiling an experience for them, then don’t talk about the story. Talk about the beginning perhaps. Show your friend the trailer for the movie or game or whatever. Never talk about details in plot twists, don’t even HINT about them.


First, if you have an embedded media player on your site, and if that media player has a standard “progress bar” with a grabbable and moveable slider with which you are supposed to be able to manually seek to various positions of the video you are watching… then by the name of Frank, make it WORK.

Most players sport a little slider, and it seems like you are able to grab and slide that to any position you like. That is how media players traditionally work. The progress slider, or seek bar, or whatever it is called, is there to let you manually and easily skip to any place you want in the song or video.

Take almost any YouTube video out there, a short one for example, and you will notice that when trying to drag the slider… say, 10% forward, it snaps back to the beginning when you release the slider. Sometimes, you can drag the slider far into the movie, and it will snap back to the beginning, or to seemingly predefined segments of the video. Many videos on YouTube have only a few such segments.

Some videos on some sites, and this seem to be awfully common, seem to have no such segments at all, and even though you CAN grab and slide the progress slider, it will reset to the beginning of the video once you release it. Each and every time. That is FAIL when you watch a long video, and want to look at a particular part somewhere in the middle or end, as you have to rewatch the entire video if you try.

“Boo-hoo, it’s not my fault, it’s the compression and format and blah blah blah…”

It’s your garbage. Take control of your garbage.


Then we have another common thing in many online video players, and that is advertisements. Seriously, the video player is usually small. And then, when 10 seconds of the video has passed (long enough for you to sit back and relax and watch) a banner pops up inside the player and covers one third of the video. You can usually close it by clicking a “close” button inside of it. If you have a video site… isn’t the point to show videos? To be able to show the videos proper? Then why do you cover them up? I will simply never return to that site if that keeps happening. In a world where there are lots of video sites, that is like a pizzeria putting a cigarette butt under the cheese somewhere in every pizza. It’s garbage.

Do you want to keep investing (money) in garbage? No, you will move to another pizzeria. Do you want to keep investing (time) in garbage? No, you will move to another video site.

It just shows you don’t have a single idea of what you are doing. First, many people out there surfing the web do have banner blindness as I’ve already mentioned in a previous post. Shortly, it’s when the brain subconsciously filters out ad banners on the web. It’s when you are so used to advertisements that you simply don’t see them anymore. You see them, but you don’t register them since they are not important to you. Now, if you are watching a video you are interested in, then any distraction will just be an annoyance. Add to that the fact that this annoyance is an ad banner? It could as well have been a house fly landing on the monitor – you will just close the ad banner without paying the least attention to the ad at all. It will only be an annoyance.

Seriously, did you think you had come up with some psychological trick to “force” advertisements into the brains of the viewer, thus increasing ad profit? What, honestly? Ha ha ha!


And one last thing. This really isn’t annoying if done right. YouTube has this, among many other sites, and that is when the video is done playing, you get to see links to other related videos covering most of the playing area. This is fine, I don’t care much, since it’s not in the way in any way since the video is done playing already.

But… then there are sites recently that cover the play area of the video as soon as you press “pause”. If this was advertisements I would cynically gnaw the table but understand, but when it’s just links to other videos on the same site… then it’s just stupid. Then it’s just someone who haven’t thought something through. When I press pause in a video, it’s either because I suddently need to do something else – but in the case of short clips such as those you generally see on such sites – then it’s probably because I want to take a closer look at THAT FRAME. It could be a funny line of text designed to just flash by in the video that you need to pause to see, but if the video area is covered with nonsense when you TRY… well then that is garbage!



Diaper commercials are just like most other commercials. Unoriginal, boring, moderately intrusive. Maybe a bit more intrusive than most, as you usually have to watch a couple of germ monster for a few seconds, but it’s fine – you naturally turn away.

But, there is something that has started to really grind my gears about some of the diaper ads on TV. It’s when the speaker voice talks, not to the parent or adult that is supposed to buy the diaper, but to the monster. To the child.

“Soon YOU will be walking a mile a day and YOU will need comfort and something that stays on!”

Wait… what?

If someone… if that child understands what you are saying, and if what you are saying is true – they are climbing, walking and going about… then what do they need diapers for? Shouldn’t they, if they understand you so perfectly, like, use the tiolet? YES! The answer is YES!

Another similar thing are games such as… Super Monkey Ball, and similar “wacky” and “goofy” games. Mario Kart. Both games have a few kid characters that wear diapers. Fine; little kids do that. But the same characters also know how to maneuver high speed vehicles while throwing weapons at their colorful opponents. Shouldn’t they also, like, be able to use the facilities?

Sure – anyone can wear diapers if they want to. Some needs to, like little kids that can’t go to the toilet by themselves yet, and various people with disabilities. But – the cases I just listed is neither one of them. If you can juggle 3 turtle shells and drive a car, you should have no trouble going to the bathroom. If you can run around inside a ball, roll around complicated tracks and at times also fly around using the halves of the ball as wings… then you should probably be able to control where you put your feces.

Organic Waste Container

So, what does that mean? Well… there is one group of people that like wearing diapers even though they don’t have to. That’s fine, I’m all for liberty… but still; I do get some particular feelings thinking about it. So you like driving a car around a race-track… and you wear diapers… which probably mean that you like, or don’t mind, being able to rub your buttocks in your own feces. I mean, you wouldn’t need to, you could just easily use the toilet, so yeah you probably like it. Mmmm… imagine sitting on that go-kart, and just as you pass the finish line to complete that second lap, you squeeeze out a wet load of turd and a little pee to top it, and you ride another lap, the engine warming up the seat, vibrating, you yell “Let’sa gooooooooo mini mario” happily as the mushy squishy sensation tickles your skin.

…yeah. It is kind of gross. Especially when such games try to be “CUTE! =^_^= and I… well, I just can’t see the cuteness in rubbing yourself with your own feces. For me, that’s fetish. Fetish kids? Fetish Monkey Ball? Fetish Kart Double Dash?


I love thumbnails… when they do what they are supposed to do. When I see a thumbnail, on a site or in any context where the context is to view pictures, by clicking the thumbnail (that is – if it is clickable) I expect one single thing.

To see a larger, more high-resolution version, of that same picture. Regardless of it showing up in a pop-up, or on a new web page, or in a new window – I expect the picture to be there in full size.

What really grinds my gears is when that is not the case. I have seen many cases on websites where clicking a thumbnail will either bring you to a web page where that same picture is nowhere to be found. Sometimes, you are brought to a page where you see the same thumbnail, and sometimes, you inconsistently need to click THAT thumbnail in order to see the picture in full resolution.


Do a google search for any image. I’ll give you a hand. Now, click one of the thumbnails. What do you get? A webpage, showing another thumbnail of that same image, and you know what? It’s probably actually SMALLER than the previous thumbnail! Now you need to click that thumbnail AGAIN to see the full size image.

I understand the argument (which I’m just assuming is there, I haven’t actually heard it) that it’s fair to show the source of the image as well as the image but… you can do that as well. When people look for images on google, they usually want just the image. If they want to know where the image is from, then there should be a link to that page for optional clickage!

Other examples

I’ve seen various sites hosting wallpapers with thumbnails showing examples of their different wallpaper categories. Say, “Ocean Category” and you see a thumbnail of a nice beach. They have a “Space Category” and you see a thumbnail of a couple of planets that you might like. I’ve experienced plenty of times that when clicking the category thumbnail, you are brought to that category’s page (which is rather obvious considering the context) but… where is the image from the thumbnail you just clicked? Shouldn’t it like… be there, even in thumbnail form, in that category? Many times, you need to scan several pages of thumbnails just to find THAT particular image again. I’ve even had cases where that image simply didn’t exist in the category at all, even though it looked just like a shrunken version of a wallpaper.

This is similar to disappointing banners, which had me grind my gears earlier. If you promise something, then deliver. Otherwise, you will either confuse and/or lose a potential client. Even with sites that deliver free content such as wallpaper sites or similar, you should want to keep your viewers happy, because you probably have advertisement banners on your site that you want people to click so that you earn some revenue. Lose viewers, and you lose potential banner clicks, and then you get less interesting in the eyes of a potential ad space buyer.